#FuckYoTweets (turquoise) T-Shirt

Do you hate half the stuff you see on social media? Let people know your opinion with this hilarious t-shirt!

We make this design with our own Algierz Luxury T-shirts, made with 100% premium pima cotton

If you order this shirt, we will make your item "Cut & Sew" from scratch in your size and color choice.  It takes us between 1 to 3 weeks on average to make your shirt from scratch like this.  As soon as we finish we will send you the tracking number.  Please be patient.  We do not accept returns or refunds on "Cut & Sew" items like this.  If there is any type of problem with the actual item, we can replace it for you (because we want you to be 100% happy), but we can't refund an item we make from scratch like this.

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