Yes, We Do Sell Wholesale, If You Have a Store:

  • Your store must have an actual physical location
  • We normally do not sell wholesale to other online sites
  • If you are not open for business yet, we do not provide any prices or details, until your store is actually open for business

To Open a Wholesale Account:

Send an Email to:  info@Algierz.com

Subject:  New Wholesale Account

Your Email Should Contain:

  • Your name, your store's name, and full address
  • Your phone number, email address, and any social media links
  • Photographs of the inside and outside of your store (JPEG format)
  • A copy of your local retail permit or federal tax ID
  • A brief note that tells us about your store; include why you think our products are a good match

After you send the email, call us to let us know that you sent it. We will confirm and let you know if we have any questions.

If you have multiple locations, please tell us how many locations you have, and where each is located.

Important Note on Honesty:

We require you to be honest.  Do not misrepresent yourself or your business.  For some reason, weird people try to open accounts by misrepresenting themselves or their businesses when they contact us.  If you are dishonest with us, or misrepresent yourself, then we will not work with you.

Types of "Stores:"

If you are selling gear out of your trunk, or house, or on the internet -- that doesn't qualify as a "retail store."  Yes, we understand that you may be doing business, but that doesn't qualify as a "Store."  We respect your hustle, we don't look down on it or anything... That's just not the type of retail accounts that qualify for wholesale with us. No disrespect.

Another Note:

We can only open a certain number of retail accounts in a given area. What that means is that if a city, or mall, has a bunch of different stores that all want to open a wholesale account with us, sometimes we have to limit the number of accounts we open. If we open too many accounts in a small area it can be a problem. If you are the 1st retail account in your city or mall then it usually isn't a problem. This issue only comes up when a bunch stores in the same town, or even the same mall, all want to open accounts with us. We can have multiple locations in one town, or even in a mall, but the exact numbers depend on the individual situation. That's why we open each account on an individual basis, depending on the current situation. Each situation is unique.