(Video!) Dano FREESTYLES Discount Codes For Cyber Monday! Save 26% Off

25 November, 2012 3 comments Leave a comment

Dano FREESTYLES The Discount Codes for Cyber Monday!!

Too Funny...

Plus Save 26% Off!!!

Too Funny...


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  2. Budi February 24, 2013

    lol my bad yeah ment to say months mate, I was a big fan of the tanks and rlaely like the overall science lab look even when going out but just got fed up with a few things like once you put in a juice your pretty much stuck with it untill you either vape it all or want to completely empty the tank. They can also be pretty messy and a pain in some to replace the ce2 s. The wicking of the tanks with ce2 s are also a problem having to tip to get liquid to the coil. Just my opinion.

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