New Video - Jacka & Freeway (Repping Algierz All In Yo Face!)

10 August, 2012 2 comments Leave a comment

 Man...   Free the East Coast to West Coast, folks love that Algierz hook-up!  With the matching shirts and hats, these dudes are all in yo' face with the Algierz.  Check out Jacka & Freeway repping tuff in their brand new video!!!

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  1. Jennyfer November 18, 2012

    lilnicki6008 everybody who hate this song noodby in they world would love you again unless its somebody who hates it with you im not a hater im only a hater to they hatersi love this song

  2. Da Chamillion August 14, 2012

    Man its S.U.C 4 Lyfe my nigga PERIOD MY COOZ $$$