Forever Throwed! New Snapback!

10 January, 2012 2 comments Leave a comment

New Snapback!  "Forever Throwed!!"   black & purple colors



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  1. Esmeralda (Esmi) August 09, 2012

    My son is a HUGE fan, like litiratly man; YO!!!!!!! I want to knw like can he accually be in a music video with ya. Like he’s a 20yr old hispanic dude and is just a 4realz kinda dude; no lie. He talks the truth and aint no fake ass nigga,,,,,he dont knw Im asking dis but because of ALL the merchandise he buys I’d love to see an invite from the ppl he Loves……Real Tlk YO!!!!!!!by the way his mamma aint all that bad OOOoooh and I aint old baby just a great 36yrs old Lol

  2. Justin March 18, 2012

    snapbacks are more of your money’s worth though sbcauee it adjusts to your head size. fitteds are only one size. what if I’m out with my girl and she wants to wear my hat. my fitted wont fit her, its too big. therefore with the adjustable size, everyones happy. its all about preference in the end.